Solutions for your indoor air concerns is our commitment to you. What sets Indoor Air Solutions apart from our competition is that we are always working to improve ourselves and the options available to our customers. Our technicians are continually being trained on the equipment we service in order to stay current with the newest technologies in the HVAC industry. Training classes are attended regularly and technicians stay up-to- date through manufacturer’s service manuals to improve our skills and keep up with ever-changing HVAC equipment. Our last line of quality control is you, or customer. If you are satisfied with the quality and purity of our air, we have done our job well.

Don’t find yourself stuck in inclement weather with a nonfunctional system! Keep your system running in the best condition possible with regular scheduled maintenance and inspections.

At Indoor Air Solutions, we are devoted to providing best-in-class commercial and residential HVAC serviced for air conditioning systems, heating systems, humidifiers and more.

Our experienced technicians perform the necessary scheduled maintenance and repairs. Technicians are also available 24 hours a day to service you dysfunctional heating and air conditioning systems.

Indoor Air Solutions now offers a service and maintenance agreement option to keep your system running at its most efficient. A properly maintained system runs cleaner, more efficiently and longer than a neglected system, all the while saving you more money.


What the serviced agreement means for your system:

With a service agreement in place, each part of your system will be inspected yearly (furnace in the fall and air conditioner in the spring), the filters will be changed at each visit (this saves you the hassle of storing filters and remembering to change them, you will also be guaranteed a 15% discount on any parts and labor not covered by the agreement, and you will be guaranteed a visit by a technician within

12 hours if you call with an emergency situation.

The cost for a one year agreement is $250. An emergency service call can easily run $300-$400 and many can be eliminated by proper maintenance. We want your system to be in the best it can be! To do this, it must be maintained on a regular schedule.

There are other options and pricing available for multiple units and more filters. Please ask your technician.

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